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Position: Welding QC Supervisor

Location Worldwide


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Kindly be informed that we are looking for Welding QC Supervisor CSWIP 3.1 Certified Candidate with at least 10 years work experience in the Inspector and NDT check task, with relevant trainings, as listed in mandatory requirements.



  • Experience in NDT operator activities
  • CSWIP 3.1
  • Magnetic Particle Test (MT) ISO 9712 LEVEL 2 or PCN Level 2
  • Ultrasonic Test (UT) ISO 9712 LEVEL 2 or PCN Level 2  (3.1, 3.2. 3.8 3.9)
  • Liquid Penetrate Inspections (LP) ISO 9712 or PCN Level 2  

Highly preferable:

  • 10 to 15 years work experience in the Inspector and NDT check task
  • Experience on board Offshore Heavy Lifting vessel
  • Ultrasonic Test (UT) ISO 9712 LEVEL 2 or PCN Level 2 (Butt Welds in plate , Butt welds in pipe, T Joint Welds , Nozzle Welds, Node Welds)


Kindly find below the best contractual terms and conditions we could offer:


Project, flag:

Saipem 3000




Welding QC Supervisor

Contract start:

To be confirmed (The contract starts on the Employee’s designated date of departure to Work location)

Contract duration:

30.06.2024 (renewable)

Work/leave rotation:

Europe: 56/28 (56 paid working days followed by 28 unpaid leave days)

UK: 56/28 (56 paid working days followed by 28 unpaid leave days)

South Africa: 56/28 (56 paid working days followed by 28 unpaid leave days)

TCN: 90/30 (90 paid working days followed by 30 unpaid leave days)

Working hours:

12 hours/day - 7 days/week


To be disclosure


Death & Disability + Life Insurance, Medical Insurance and Income protection provided by the company


Prepaid Economy class ticket at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle




Role Description


▪ Ensure the supervision of welding inspection activities and verify Quality Control Plans implementation


▪ Check Quality Control Plans with reference to welding activities

▪ Check the availability and adequacy of consumables and equipment / instrumentation used for welding execution and control

▪ Verify that material and equipment are correctly received, stored, preserved, calibrated, handled, identified and traceable

▪ Support and check the evaluation of the qualification of inspection personnel in charge of works, verify work procedures, including those relating to special processes

▪ Support the definition of QC Information System rules

▪ Supervise and witness inspections, check reports and documentation issued by inspectors and verify the collection of required Quality Records

▪ Verify that tests, controls and inspections are carried out according to Quality Control Plans / Inspection Test Plans, checking the collection of relevant documentation also for the mechanical completion approval, and that personnel have access to all required project documentation

▪ In case of subcontracted activities, verify the correct implementation of approved Quality Control Plans / Inspection Test Plans, witnessing inspections and collecting relevant Quality Control records

▪ Verify the collection and management of documents certifying test, controls and inspections, checking that all records are properly retrievable within the final As-Built dossier

▪ Verify the preparation of the Quality works dossier for final handover to the Document Controller

▪ Verify that the NCR management process is in place and effective


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