OOW Navigational Watch DP - I

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Position: OOW Navigational Watch DP - I

Location: Worldwide🌎


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  • 6 years of experience in the position of OOW Navigational Watch DP onboard construction vessels DP3: heavy lift / pipelay
  • 3 years of experience onboard S-lay DP3 pipelay vessels


Kindly find below the best contractual terms and conditions we could offer:

Project, flag:

JSD 6000




OOW Navigational Watch DP

Contract start:

To be confirmed (The contract starts on the Employee’s designated date of departure to Work location)

Contract duration:

30.06.2024, subject of renewal

Work/leave cycle:

EU/USA/CA/Mexico/UK: 56 (paid work days) /28 (unpaid leave days)

TCN: 90 (paid work days) /30 (unpaid leave days)


Working hours:

12 hours/day - 7 days/week


To be disclosure


Death & Disability + Life Insurance, Medical Insurance and Income protection provided by the company


Prepaid Economy class ticket at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle


Candidates should have the documents as follows:

  • CV/Resume (ENGLISH)
  • Passport
  • Covid Vaccination Certificate
  • Other required documents and certificates related to the position


Role Description 


  • Responsible for the safe navigation and marine operations and, where required, for DP operations
  • Maintain routine documentation as required by the Company
  • Execute supporting marine and administrative activities
  • Whenever required, act as BS (barge supervisor) or BCO (ballast control operator) as defined in IMO resolution A. 1079 (28)



  • Report to Chief Mate DP keep watching the Bridge and direct the deck personnel, ensuring that operate with discipline and efficiency according to Company requirements, State, Class, Flag, ISM, ISPS, MLC2006, SOLAS, MARPOL and client requirements
  • Carry out watch duty during navigation, manoeuvring and operative phases; monitor the correct operation of DP system as per Company procedure
  • Assist Ch. Mate DP for carrying out stability and lifting calculations prior to allowing any ballasting, considering if trim, stability and stress of the vessel are within the maximum limit allowed, in accordance with international Rules/Conventions; coordinate movements of cranes and ballasting of the vessel
  • Maintain file cabinets and documentation for navigation such as navigational charts, nautical publications, ship documentation and DP check lists
  • Liaise with the Ch. Mate DP with regards to the operations of loading and co-ordination of support vessels
  • Operate the ballast control systems as directed by the Ch. Mate DP or acting independently if responsible of own watch
  • Report to the Master DP or Ch. Mate DP unsafe acts/conditions and other issues with implications for safe operation, marine environment and navigability in compliance with HSES procedures
  • Liaise with Ch. Mate for maintain cargo gear certifications and lifting equipment
  • Apply and follow the on board training and drill programme in due time as directed by Company, SOLAS and Master's instructions
  • Support the Ch. Mate DP with reference to Marine related QMS Tasks based on received instructions
  • Support the Ch. Mate for Lifting/Rigging Certification System management and updating based on applicable certification scheme
  • Support the Ch. Mate DP for Class Inspector during Annual Certification Activity
  • Support Ch. Mate DP for Pad Eyes Certification/Mapping/Traceability requirements on board the vessel
  • Check all navigation equipments and instruments as necessary
  • Maintain firefighting and life-saving equipment as directed
  • Operate inspection, check the GMDSS equipment and ensure that mandatory provisions related to its operation (as laid down in the radio regulations) are adhered
  • Perform duties on the heliport and landing operations of the helicopters, as per official training matrix
  • Operate the DP systems in line with DP manual
  • Perform functions as identified in the vessels emergency preparedness manual
  • Ensure the Master DP is informed immediately of any condition or incident that arises as per standing instruction
  • Ensure that no major action will be undertaken or executed without informing the Master DP
  • Report to the Ch. Mate DP or Master DP any hazardous situation that goes beyond own intervention
  • Report to Master, ensure compliance with the radio watchkeeping requirements of SOLAS and GMDSS regulations
  • Maintain a continuous watch on the dedicated distress, urgency and safety communications, receive weather forecast bulletins and meteorological warnings and other Maritime Safety Information, inform the Master as soon as a distress, urgency or safety communication is received



  • Carry out the watch during navigation and vessel operations
  • Maintain safe working practices



  • STCW required certificates, National CoC Reg. 11/1 and endorsement
  • Completion of all training and certifications as described in Training Matrix
  • DP Training as per Company Procedure
  • MOU stability course (where applicable)



  • For Expert seniority activities as three (3) years' experience on off-shore, unless a defined rank of Ch. Mate DP had been previously covered on board merchant marine vessels
  • For Junior seniority activities as two (2) year experience on off-shore Deck Cadet
  • Experience with Dynamic Positioning as per DP company Procedure


Note: For Italian Seafarers the correspondent designation is "Secondo Ufficiale di Coperta" for Seniority L2 and "Terzo Ufficiale di Coperta" for Seniority L1


Kindly note all applications and CV must be in English.


Muskan Kumar