Refinery Planning Economist

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Refinery Planning Economist

Work Location: Saudi (must be willing to relocate)


The Asset Optimization Division’s charter is to optimize crude allocation and the operations of global manufacturing facilities in order to maximize revenue, increase profitability, and capture international market opportunities. The division also acts as the linear programming (LP) gatekeeper for wholly owned refineries and the integrated global MPIMS model, which is used for optimizing global crude allocation and exploration of new international markets and integration options.

The Asset Economist works with refineries, and the Global Optimizer team to optimize refinery’s crude allocation, crude mix, and products slates. With expertise in refinery operations, market dynamics, commercial capabilities, and linear programming modelling, will produce a sound plan to help ensure the highest returns of downstream assets; and is also accountable to develop, monitor and execute the monthly short operating plan.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Drive commercial optimization at the local LP runs at the individual refinery.
  • Responsible to generate crude relative values and crude ranking.
  • Provide both market and refinery operations outlook for yearly business plan.
  • Provide monthly major constraints impact on asset for logistic unit performance and investment requirements needed.
  • Review and challenge constraints to the individual LPs of each refinery (potentially run limited constraint model to create the baseline for ideal LP output).
  • Coordinate with ATC to reflect Saudi market perspective on the individual Refinery LPs.
  • Create sensitivities, trade-offs and scenarios for each of the individual LPs.
  • Work with other asset economists within the same region to consolidate the LPs of refineries within the same region and explore optimization opportunities.
  • Defend refinery interest during trade-off evaluations (after the central optimization team issues LP differentials) while keeping integrated optimization objective in mind.
  • Provide both market and refinery operations outlook for yearly business plan.
  • Coordinate with the refineries, ATC and the central Optimization team (and potentially other stakeholders) to execute short-term (within the production month) optimization opportunities.
  • Identify, assess and review strategic and commercial viability of potential identified investment opportunities to improve overall viability of the system.

Minimum Requirements

  • B.S. degree in Engineering discipline, an MBA is preferable.
  • At least eight years’ experience in refining business, to include technical and commercial aspects.
  • Experience using LP models is preferred.
  • Thorough knowledge of engineering practices, economic principles and calculation methods.
  • Expert in international business and cross-cultural professional practices.



Patricia Cabal