LP Engineer (Simulation) - Chemical Engineer

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LP Engineer (Simulation) - Chemical Engineer

Work Location: Saudi (must be willing to relocate)


The Global Optimizer Development Department’s (GOD) charter is to optimize crude allocation and the operations of global manufacturing facilities in order to maximize revenue, increase profitability, and capture international market opportunities.  The division also acts as the LP gatekeeper for wholly owned refineries and the global MPIMS model, and maintains an integrated global planning model which is used for optimizing global crude allocation and exploration of new international markets and integration options.

The Rigorous Simulation Modeling Engineer consults on complex engineering and LP problems, and reviews existing and new rigorous simulation in order to updated or build up shift vector for Sub model in PIMS structure, also keeping rigorous simulation accuracy to conduct LP Back casting, recommending improvements as required.  This role will also have the opportunity to build a new grass root refinery rigorous simulation, mentor and train less-senior LP engineers and process Engineers, and provide specialized technical service in recognized engineering fields.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Run the rigorous simulation in order to identify deviation from simulation and actual condition.
  • Run the wide refinery model after SROP optimization in order to identify operational opportunity in the refiner.
  • Define data and work process required to maintain and update rigorous simulation.
  • Develop Non-Linear equation to reflect operational variable into the PIMS AO model
  • Keep the hybrid model for LP Engineer accurate.
  • Work with process Engineer in order to guaranty accurate simulation output and debottleneck constrain to maximize refinery benefit.
  • Perform “back-casting” and issue a monthly report on the Rigorous Simulation gap along with required mitigations.
  • Support stakeholders in order to create new models to evaluated new project for Downstream business
  • Support ASSAY expert to calibrate the TBP and cut points in order to reflect the actual column efficiency
  • Publish articles in leading trade magazine and /or industry journals

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering related field, MBA or a relevant advanced degree is strongly preferred.
  • Minimum of 9 years of professional experience in consulting and /or refinery industries, with an in-depth understanding of rigorous simulation for refinery processing units
  • Expertise developing rigorous simulation to extract shift vector and process objective, with at least 7 years of experience in Aspen Technology’s HYSYS model or PETROSIM.
  • Have developed rigorous simulation for hydrocracking, FCC, DHT, Catalytic and Coker reforming units, have built a rigorous simulation model of a complete refinery (Wide Refinery Model)
  • A thorough knowledge of engineering practices, economic principles and calculation methods.
  • Expert in international business and cross-cultural professional practices
  • Have developed integration between rigorous simulation models and ASPEN PIMS



Patricia Cabal