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[Lead Maritime Indust Standard Operator] + {One (1) Slot} + MPR # (12631)



We are seeking a Maritime Specialist to join our Terminal Pilotage Ops Div.


The Terminal Pilotage Ops Division is responsible for providing a professional pilotage service, vessel traffic management system and support services at all Saudi Aramco Oil Ports and Terminals for the purpose of expediting the seaborne export and import of crude oils and hydrocarbon-based products in a safe, efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound manner in accordance with shipping industrys best practices.



Your primary role is to undertakes the following duties under the general direction of the Supervisor, Tankship Technical Support Unit. Analyses tankships safety violations defects and ship related incidents, verifying breaches of applicable international maritime Organizations conventions, Marine Industry Standards, Port Rules and Regulations. Formulates claims with full supporting documentation for additional marine assistance services provided that is beyond the contractual obligation of Saudi Aramco.


Key Responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following:


Verify breaches of applicable International Maritime Organizations Conventions, Marine Industry Standards and Port Rules & Regulations.


Generate follow up telexes and correspondence with ship principals. Review local, international marine guidelines and standards as related to Terminal Pilotage Operations Division. Monitor and verify budget accounts for the Division.


Responsible for assisting the supervisor in continuous updating of the Port Booklet and other relevant publications.


Analyze Marine Safety Statistics of Saudi Aramco Ports and Terminals. Formulate claims with full supporting documentation for additional marine assistance services provided that is beyond the contractual obligations of Saudi Aramco.


Responsible for the initiation of telexs dispatched to ship principals and evaluation of telexes received from ship principals in respect to highlighted concerns on ship operations. Analyze tankships safety violations defects and ship related incidents.


Exercise controls of verification for all items associated with budgetary control of the division.


Generate follow up telexes and correspondence with ship principals. Review jointly with Marine Engineer related Marine/Terminal projects. Deputize for Supervisor of unit when required.


Maintain a readiness to deputize at International Marine Conferences. Monitor and Verify budget accounts for the Division. Attend Safety meetings with operational members of the division.


Provide where applicable technical support and carry out any other assignment as required.


Responsible for formulating claims to recover Saudi Aramcos marine services expended upon additional marine assistance and oil spill cleanup costs incurred as a result of services beyond the contractual requirements.


Research material, documentation and technical data in order to support Terminal Operations by providing advice when relevant general instructions fail to satisfactorily address a particular problem.





Minimum requirements

As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelors degree in Maritime Studies, or a High National Diploma (HND) in Nautical Science/Marine Engineering along with a Master Mariner (Class I)/Chief Engineer Certificate of Competency] from a recognized and approved program.


You will have ten years experience in sea going include the specialty here, including at least five in experience as a senior officer onboard tanker and/or Gas (LPG) carrier



you must have Knowledge and experience with international regulatory body requirements, classification standards, marine/mechanical engineering practices, specifications and/or rules.


Written and spoken English with an extensive marine technical vocabulary in order to communicate effectively with other marine professionals including marine lawyers and industrial professionals. Business letter and report writing skills are essential is also necessary.


Demonstrate skill and discretion in dealing with outside organizations is also necessary




Araceli Charro