Biodiversity Scientist.

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Location: Saudi Arabia (Relocation package is included)
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Position Description:


Manage and monitors the implementation of various activities in the areas of marine & terrestrial biology, ecology, ecosystems, to assist in conducting environmental assessments and surveys to identify potential risks and evaluate the impact of human activities on natural resources. Conduct fieldwork and site visits to perform measurements, and document environmental conditions. Assist in preparing reports, presentations, and technical documentation based on research findings and environmental assessments. Prepares, reviews or presents reports and scientific papers. Evaluates the quality of field activities and updates the field supervising staff to the most recent standards and techniques. Provides advanced professional technical services to various Corporate Organizations, its sponsored facilities, and various Government Organizations as requested. Participate in the development and administration of contracts for research activities. Requires nominal work direction from the unit supervisor in establishing new work activities and/or priorities.




Environmental Biodiversity Division is leading the corporate Biodiversity Protection Program (BPP) and is responsible to execute the program initiatives, thus there is an essential demand for technical evaluation, designing and executing the initiatives and projects. There is a need to active presence and leadership for delivering outputs and to develop long-term strategies and execution plans. Currently, the Division is understaffed which impacts the delivery of the BPP.


Duties and Responsibilities:


1) Plan, schedule, and provide work direction to intra-departmental teams formed to implement and monitor Company-wide

environmental policies and compliance.

2) Formulate the basis for environmental studies in any of several basic or special environmental fields by analyzing and evaluating all data pertinent to the problems. Evaluate data as to scope, effect on the existing environment, economic impact, long range planning and

budgetary considerations.

3) Identify and evaluate risks and threats to biodiversity, including habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and invasive species. Develop and implement conservation strategies to mitigate these risks and enhance biodiversity, in collaboration with internal teams and external stakeholders.

4) Consolidate all elements of environmental research and data analysis, ascertaining that all elements are coordinated properly in terms of scope, manning and schedule, and initiates corrective action as required. Complete responsibility for issuance of research findings in both hard copy or computerized forms. Responsible for technical quality of the data.

5) Collaborate with academic institutions, government agencies, and NGOs to stay updated on the latest research, practices, and policies related to biodiversity conservation.

6) Evaluate the effectiveness of Environmental and Biodiversity Awareness and Education courses developed to promote sound environmental practices at work and in the community. Develops presentations for Management and articles for Company and Professional publications on

environmental issues.

7) Act as biodiversity consultant on reviewing the environmental impact of new installations or modifications to improve existing facilities covering a wide range of environmental issues. Reviews and comments on the environmental aspects of contract documents, budget briefs, design basis scoping papers, engineering designs, and project proposals

8) Contribute to the development of environmental policies and guidelines for the organization, promoting sustainable practices and responsible development.

9) Keep abreast of all Company, government, and industry processes, operations, and products correlating them with new developments and literature in the field of environmental and biodiversity protection.

10) Develop formal scientific reports and coordinates the preparation of reports written by subordinates within the unit. Makes frequent oral presentations of the reports.

11) Prepare and deliver educational materials and presentations to raise awareness and understanding of biodiversity and conservation among colleagues and external stakeholders.

12) Support fundraising efforts for biodiversity conservation projects by preparing grant proposals and leveraging partnerships and resources.


Minimum Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in environmental engineering, environmental sciences, or environmental management. Three (3) years of professional environmental, biological, or scientific consulting related experience. Working in the field of biodiversity conservation or related research, academic or scientific related experience, preferably associated with environmental activities in the oil industry. Incumbents experience and accomplishments should clearly indicate that the individual is an expert in his field.
  • Strong knowledge of biodiversity conservation principles, policies, and best practices, Proficient in conducting biodiversity surveys, data analysis, and interpretation. Ability to develop and implement biodiversity conservation strategies and measure their impact.
  • Good communication skills using both scientifically correct terminology and terms acceptable at various intellectual levels.
  • Current and thorough knowledge of environmental practices worldwide.



Karthiayani Ashok