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ICM Group are hiring!!


Location: Saudi Arabia ( Relocation position )



ICM Group are seeking Lead Power Services Technicians to join Southern Area Power Operations Department.


Southern Area Power Operations Department is responsible to deliver electrical energy to customers in the safest, most reliable and economical manner through a competent workforce committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.


The Lead Power Services Technician primary role is to perform as a fully-skilled power services technician (journeyman) for all types of electrical power installations; including, adjustment,

maintenance, and commissioning. Often provides work direction to lower classified Power Services personnel.



Minimum requirements


  • Experience required: Nine (9) years in power system construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation with emphasis on transmission and distribution.
  • Fluent command of the English language, oral and written. Good knowledge of Safety Management System and relevant PDIs.
  • Has thorough knowledge of equipment and underground cable safety requirements and Electrical Codes.
  • Ability to read work orders, work permits, vendors’ manuals, and schematic diagrams and to communicate with fellow workers on technical aspects of the job.
  • Working knowledge of electrical safety procedures and requirements, work permit and lock out procedures with confirmed and dedicated attitude towards safety. Ability to read work orders, work permits, vendors’ manuals, and schematic diagrams and to communicate with fellow workers on technical aspects of the job.



Duties and responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following:


  • Performs preventive maintenance, installs, commissions, tests, repairs, analyzes results and troubleshoots the following types of equipment: 480 V through 230 KV switchgears, oil/air/FS6 gas/vacuum insulated circuit breakers, substation power transformers, pad-mounted transformers, pole mounted transformers, load break switches, power cables, high and low voltage disconnect switches, oil switches, circuit switchers, transformer tap changers (auto and manual), reclosers, motor starters, reactors and switchgear, Buckholts relays, cooling fans, substation battery chargers and banks, substation civil maintenance, emergency lighting, bus ducts and insulators, electric and hydraulic maintenance on PDD heavy equipment (when not performed by ESD) using various types of test and equipment. Locates equipment or system faults and operating irregularities and makes repairs. 
  • Repairs/installs/maintains all types of transmission and distribution high voltage cables such as, solid dielectric (rubber and synthetics) cables, paper insulated lead covered (PILCA) cables, low pressure oil filled (LPOF) cables, and submarine cables. Testing of high-pressure oil filled (HPOF) cables.
  • Performs high potential cable testing and phasing of energized conductors at all voltages up to 115KV.
  • Performs cable fault location consisting of tracing and marking the cable route, testing the faulted cable from both ends noting the splices and disturbances on the radar trace, uses high voltage burn set to reduce high resistance fault, follows the cable route to pinpoint the cable fault, and then makes the indicated repairs, checks the oil pressure, stops the leaks on LPOF cables and adds oil.
  • Performs spiking of the cables to be worked on to ensure the cable is de-energized. Installs safety grounds as required.
  • Supervises excavation to expose cable faults, loading/unloading of cable reels, Laying of high voltage sheathed and, or unsheathed cables.
  • Operates various types of testing and measuring equipment such as: TTR, Insulation Resistance, Winding Resistance, Dielectric, cable test van, Insulation Power factor tester (Doble), CB Timing Analyzer, Thermo Vision Camera, Hi-Pot, Torque Test, Ductor Tests of circuit breaker Switchgears contacts, Battery Bank and Chargers, Load Tests and assist in interpreting all tests results.
  • Field repairs electrical and mechanical components of oil/SF6 circuit breakers, which include air compressors, hydraulic pumps, mechanical springs and air systems. Also adjusts mechanism on breaker linkage as required. Performs motion analysis, torque test, and ductor tests of circuit breaker contacts. Overhauls circuit breaker, air compressors and air closing valves.
  • Relocates, sets, and aligns new/used power transformers.
  • Replaces/repairs battery banks/chargers and performs battery load tests.
  • Processes insulating oil for transformers and breakers. Assembles tankage, hoses, bladders and processing equipment. Handles oil drums, monitors and controls oil levels, oil circulation and drying process procedures. Disconnects, disassembles, cleans-up and stores equipment when job is complete.
  • Performs preventive maintenance and/or revises existing equipment and systems to conform to verbal instructions, revised drawings and work orders then makes operational test runs for satisfactory repair and acceptance.
  • Provides work direction for lower classified technicians.
  • Trains subordinate technicians in diagnostics, troubleshooting, test repair and maintenance procedures/methods;
  • Provides information for discrepancy and repair records and technical library of systems diagrams plus manufacturers'/vendors' manuals of equipment in assigned area. Locates specification sheets, manufacturer's technical data, reads all kinds of blueprints and electrical diagrams as necessary to satisfactorily complete work assignments. Provides information for continuing up-to-date audit of all equipment worked on including nameplate data, conditions, settings, past malfunctions, and corrections required. Documents conditions found, adjustments made, calibration settings, final condition of equipment, etc.
  • Practices good housekeeping, including jobsite cleanup, conforms to safety standards, rules, and practices and requires it in others.


Should you meet all the requirements and are interested in the position, please submit your CV in English.


Karthiayani Ashok